Dear Hidden Lake Residents:

As hurricane season is upon us once again and will last through November 30th, the coast of South Florida can be threatened at any time during this season.  The information contained in this report will help you prepare for a storm emergency.  This report has been written to help you take precautions to protect, as much as possible, your family and property.  Please take a moment to read this important information.

Your Association and NextGen Management LLC. would like to ensure that all homeowners receive as much information as possible to aid in the preparation of an upcoming storm.  During these months, special precautions need to be taken by everyone in the community. The following links will aid you in those preparations:  - Hurricane Preparedness Info - Hurricane Preparedness Info - Hurricane Preparedness Info - Hurricane Preparedness Info

Please be advised that at the time of a hurricane watch, your Association’s common areas will be secured and the equipment at the gatehouse and recreation areas shutdown (gates will be left open, arms removed and stored).  This will help assure that the systems will be operational after weather conditions return to normal and power has been restored.  After the shutdown has been completed, all personnel will evacuate the area.

Implement as many precautions in advance, such as removing all furniture from the balconies and patios, removing and securing all outside items that might become missiles during the storm, closing hurricane shutters and placing towels on window sills and on the bottom of all sliding glass doors.  If your home is on a lakefront, you may want to purchase sand bags should the lake rise.

Please note that all hurricane shutters must be removed no later than 15 days after a hurricane unless there is an imminent hurricane threat behind it.  Under no circumstances should hurricane shutters remain up after that time.

Please make arrangements in advance for where you will be staying during an evacuation.  Remember that pets are not allowed in all evacuation centers.  Contact your assigned evacuation center in advance to pre-register and make plans for you and your pets.

Leaving town for any length of time during hurricane season?  BEFORE YOU GO: remove all outdoor furniture, plants, secure loose objects and ask a nearby relative or friend to close the shutters.  In the event of a storm, do not rely on the Association’s staff to make preparations for your individual home; their time will be dedicated in securing the community common areas.

If an evacuation order is issued, EVERYONE must evacuate the community and go to your community’s assigned shelter.  An evacuation area is no place to be during a hurricane.  Employees and residents are ALL expected to evacuate.  There will be no emergency services during a storm and authorities will not be available to help you.

At the time a call for evacuation has been issued, the Association will conclude the procedures to prepare the community common areas for the storm and leave.  Once an evacuation order is given, you should be packed and prepared to leave.  Your city officials advise the elderly or handicapped residents not to wait for the official evacuation order.  Please leave early.

After the hurricane, all essential personnel will return as soon as physically possible after sustained winds have dropped below 30 MPH and an all clear has been issued.

As an owner or resident of a property in Hidden Lake, you have a responsibility to maintain your property according to the governing documents.  In the unfortunate circumstance of a hurricane, please do your part as a good neighbor to clean up your property as quickly as possible after the storm.  Your help in restoring the community to its original condition will be greatly appreciated.

Please stay safe and be prepared.  Please contact me at or 954-349-8777 if you have any questions.