Hello Everyone. 


You may notice that the Board is investing in some Landscape Upgrades.  Please pardon our dust while we work on improving the community.


The Storm Drains have all been evaluated and treated as needed for the State Required Re-certification.  Please remember the storm drains go into the lake.  If there are heavy rains and the lake is high, there may still be flooding in the streets.  This DOES NOT mean your drain is clogged.  Please allow time for the rainwater to drain into the lake as the lake will allow.


Sidewalks are also being evaluated now and as soon as the proposals are collected, a meeting will be scheduled to repair or replace any uneven sidewalks.  Owners should be hiring licensed Tree Trimmers to trim the trees in the swales to include crown reductions when necessary to help slow or even prevent sidewalk damages.   If you are aware of a sidewalk that needs repairs or replacements, please report it to kathryn@nextgenmanagement.com.


The Holidays are over!  Please remove and properly store your holiday lights.  Schedule any required pressure cleaning for your roofs, driveways, walls, etc to avoid violation notices.


Please be sure to adjust your irrigation system or install a rust control device to prevent rust on your property and sidewalks.  Owners are responsible for cleaning rust stains off any sidewalks abutting their property.


Be a good neighbor.  Keep your dogs leashed and use the pet waste stations. 


Street Parking overnight is not permitted and is subject to towing unless it is obvious that you are having a party and your guests have no where else to park.


We hope you had a wonderful holiday season!


Hidden Lake Administrator