Dear Hidden Lake Residents:


While owners are responsible for everything on the properties to the edge of the asphalt, the Board of Directors has voted to start taking responsibility for the sidewalks.  This may slightly affect your future Association budget, but it is a huge benefit to all residents to have the sidewalks uniformly cared for at a great savings. 

Some sidewalks will be scarified like before (sanded down) and some will be replaced.  Gator Paving and Florida Sidewalk Solutions will be working together starting this Thursday and will need everyone’s cooperation to complete their work.  Here are the important details:

  • Please turn off your irrigation during the sidewalk repairs.
  • If your irrigation runs to the swale it may be damaged during the repairs.  If it is damaged during the sidewalk demolishing, they will flag it and have an irrigation company leave you a proposal to have it repaired.   No, while they will be as careful as possible they are not responsible for the irrigation repairs.  You have the option of repairing it yourself or using the irrigation company that will leave you a proposal, but you must act within 48 hours.  The demolished sidewalk will be framed out and inspected by the city to be re-poured.  They cannot progress until the irrigation is repaired or capped off.  If you do not make the repairs or use the irrigation company to make repairs, it will be capped off so that the sidewalk can be poured.
  • You may not be able to use your driveway for a few days while your sidewalk is repaired.  Parking enforcement will be suspended while the sidewalk repairs are in progress so that residents with sidewalk repairs can park in the streets.
  • Residents have the option of contracting Gator Paving to repair their driveway aprons as well.  The cost is $2,100.00 per apron but would be discounted to $1,950.00 if 5 or more residents contract them.  If you are interested in repairing your driveway apron, please contact Ron at Gator Paving, (954) 319-9808.

Please note we will also have Hartzell in the community repairing the Speed Humps on Wednesday.  The Tree Trimming has already started and should be completed today (10/16/2018), as soon as there is a break in the construction there will be an asphalt repair at the entrance and we are awaiting the permit application for the 5-year Storm Water Re-certification which means you will soon see the storm drains being jetted out (cleaned).  Once all this work is complete and Somerset is done with their landscape repairs at our entrance, we hope to complete some landscape improvements at the entrance before the holidays just in time for the holiday lights.

Please let Management know if you have any questions by emailing


Best Regards,
Hidden Lake Administrator