AT&T Contact Information


AT&T will be upgrading their wiring in the public easements located within Hidden Lake.  Management has been able to acquire insurance information and bond to insure that your properties will be repaired properly.  


Please be sure to file a claim with AT&T using the contact information in the letter provided below.  Management does NOT file claims or provide any customer service for AT&T.  If however, for some reason you are not able to obtain appropriate repairs from AT&T AFTER filing claims with them, please let management know by emailing



November 22, 2016

ATT job id: 7EA11022n – Hidden Lakes
Upcoming AT&T Installation Work in Your Community

Dear Hidden Lakes Homeowners,
AT&T is planning to upgrade the existing older manufactured discontinued infrastructure to a new state-of-the-art IP (Internet Protocol), fiber to the home network.  In order to do so we need to upgrade portions of the existing infrastructure within your property.  But rest assured there is absolutely no cost to you.  This upgrade work will require some digging and installation of pedestals as well as flush ground level mounted vaults connected by underground conduit at various locations throughout your Community within the legally platted utility easements. AT&T and its contractor MasTec fully guarantee all disturbed areas to be returned to like condition by the end of construction. 

During this time you will see increased traffic and construction workers in your neighborhood.  Locate flags will be placed and paint utilized to mark underground facilities.  These are for protection of your communities’ infrastructure and common utility during construction.  We ask you and your landscapers not remove these as it is State law they remain in place during the construction.
• Residents will be notified by door hangers 2-3 days prior to when work will begin in their neighborhood.
• Pictures will be taken of each associated address to ensure proper restoration.
• For the quickest and most efficient response to any restoration issues, please call or email the MasTec Restoration Claim line established for your convenience.  Phone number Mas Tec 954.446.0799 or 

We look forward to bringing this exciting new state-of-the-art technology to your neighborhood.

Thank you!